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Female Infanteer

Originally Posted by Mail on line

The first woman to join an infantry regiment since defence chiefs lifted a ban on females serving in combat units has quit after just two weeks of training, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.
The recruit dropped out of an 18-week course this month after falling behind her male counterparts on endurance marches and failing other physical tests at a training base in Suffolk.

It is understood that when the woman resigned, she admitted having underestimated the physical requirements of being an infantry recruit.

I hate being the one to say; "I told you so!" but to add insult to injury this isn't even a proper Infantry Regt :stuck_out_tongue: . Give her her dues, she tried but it is going to take an exceptional woman to make it through as an Infanteer. That is until they relax the training to make it easier for them! That last sentence is a bit tongue in cheek but nevertheless valid.

Re: Female Infanteer

My son was in Pirbright as a fitness instructor for new intakes for the RA. he said that all the targets for the females were changed due to thier lack of strength. The females also used the menapause as an excuse for not to attend parades etc. It was a farce.
Can you really imagine them being on the front line. OK I know there have been some who have done real good in Afghanistan and won medals but were any of them actually fighting on the front line ?

Re: Female Infanteer

I doubt many would have been old enough to be menopausal Chris. I think you meant menstruation? :+1:

Re: Female Infanteer

your right mate its an age thing. LOL