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Welcome to the 42 Regiment Royal Artillery Message Forum
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Govt pension

Just received notification that my pension has gone up, I now get £218.70 a week. Am I glad I also have a small private pension. £218 doesnt sound much considering I worked for 50 years.

Re: Govt pension

ia that after tax, did you opt out

Re: Govt pension

Jimmy its broken up as follows.

Basic £125.95
pre 1997 additonal pension of £63.76 less contracted out of £33.59
= £30.17
Post 1997 = £58.17
graduated related = £4.42

Grand total of £218.71

I new I was being opted out of serps and when it all changed I received a lump sum in the 80s

Seemingly I am receiving a bit more than some of the lads that use the 49 message forum, dont know how ?