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New year

Just popped in to catch up a bit. I like the changes to the format though they are only rudimentary. At least that "Captcha" thing has gone :+1: Used to be so frustrating typing in letters and figures that you couldn't see clearly in the first place. Usually ended up trying two or three times to post a simple message. Perhaps it will encourage a bit more posting? Anyway, back in my favourites and I will try to post a bit more too :wink:

Re: New year

The 49 Bty OCA contingent at the RAA Service of Remembrance at the NMA last year. Sadly, the last time we got to spend with an old mate, Tony Grant but the chance to meet up with a young member of the serving Bty. Please forgive me but I have forgotten his name. He introduced himself as we were forming up for the photo and was there to lay a wreath on behalf of the Bty. The service is a regular event, usually early July, and is a great meeting for Gunners of all ages. Over 500 of us last year.

The young man in the Airborn beret is Tony Griffith's dad, Gordon. Well into his 90's and keeping us all on our toes (except me of course) :blush: .

Re: New year

David there isnt a man alive that could keep you on your toes even before your troubles mate but I know a woman that can THE MISSUS LOL