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Welcome to the 42 Regiment Royal Artillery Message Forum
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The details of the memorial service for Colonel Browell is below for your information. For those wishing to attend please contact Jane at RHQ RA directly. I will be attending as the President of the OCA and I hope we will have the standard on parade.

Regards to all

Lt Col RA McPherson MBE
42nd Regiment OCA

Master Gunner, Generals, Brigadiers, Colonels, Ladies and Gentlemen,

A Memorial Service for the late Colonel J M Browell MBE will be held at the Royal Garrison Church of St Alban and St Barbara (Home Church of the Royal Regiment of Artillery) at Larkhill, at 1200hrs, Tuesday 7th November 2017, and afterwards at the RA Mess.

Those attending are requested to inform Jane Campbell by either e-mail: RARHQ-RegtSec-PA@mod.uk or Tel: 01980 845788. This would be most helpful for the family to gauge numbers attending and for the Mess to cater.

Parking should preferably be inside camp as outside Church parking is limited. Attendees should arrive at the VCP barrier (no requirement to dismount) where a pass will be issued. Parking will be initially in the ‘Purple’ car park behind the VCP with overspill on the grass HLS opposite RHQRA but parking up against the wire of the Church / Camp perimeter fence.

Entry to the Church from the parking areas will be via the small ‘wicket gate’ which will be manned by Regimental Police from 1100hrs. The ‘wicket gate will be open at the end of the Service to enable a return to vehicles.

Attendees can drive to the RA Mess for the reception but are requested to park to the right rear of the Mess as guided by the Regimental Police, in the area of the YO Block. Those who are infirm or disabled can of course park at the front of the Mess.

It would be appreciated if the information above could be circulated amongst friends of Colonel Jasper who may otherwise not be aware of notices through normal Regimental channels.

I will be absent on leave 28 Oct – 6 Nov. Any questions between these dates please direct to Jane Campbell or the Regt Sec.