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Pat Walsh posts

Hi Chris,
just picked up on you(I'm finding my way around on your Webpage) I would like to get in contact with old friends from my days in 94 bty.( Mind you I'm sure that there are some who would not want to know;)---but now that I've been through the University of Life I wish I had been different.
Thinking of the Bty. in the OLD DAYS,
Regards to all
Pat Walsh (Lippy)ChyNEZ

Re: Pat Walsh posts

Hi Alan,
I've been off the radar for a long time, but the old days are now drawing me back.
I hope all is well with you. I remember you well when we were both in 94 Bty. You and Tommy Leitch were both promoted to Sgt. just before I left the Regiment at Devises! Do you remember; If you do Please contact. We can have some good chats about the old days--and the present.
Hope this finds you in good fettal.
Best regards
Pat Walsh

Re: Pat Walsh posts

Pat, I remember a Bdr Welsh who was a national service man who because he signed on got his 3rd stripe !!! mind my memory is going back to 1967 so I could be wrong ?? am I ?
so hows about some more info to stop us all guessing.

I havnt phoned Alan as I was going to so now you have promted me,so noted for tomorrow

Re: Pat Walsh posts

Pat I decided to phone Alan tonight so he said her remembers you and it would be great to get in touch and possibly meet up depending where you live. If you email me your phone number I will call you.

Re: Pat Walsh posts

I had a phone call from Pat today, we had a good chat and he will be looking through more of the photos later. we chatted about some of those who had sadly passed away. I have to ask Terry Mallinder and Chris Prissell if he can phone them as Pat lives in Cornwall and they live there in Truro.