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Anyone Interested in South Wales.

As many of you know I am on a committee for our local Male Voice Choir and we have sung at the Royal Albert Hall as special guests of the Welsh Association of Male Voice Choirs featuring 1,000 choristers.

Having said this I have had the following sent to me in regards to Service and Ex-Servicemen/ Women about concerts in South Wales. Should anyone care to go once preparations have been finalized just follow the link and you will get more information.I don't know whether we could participate due to our up and coming events but we are looking at it in depth. The following reads:-----

Can I please take the time to introduce you to the above band that rehearses at Briton Ferry once a month.
The band consists of ex service professional musicians with members having served as musicians in the Army, RAF and Royal Marines together with local players of a suitable standard. It has been formed with a view to raise funds for ex servicemen.
The Director of Music is Craig Roberts who is well known throughout the music community in Wales and further afield.

The band are currently seeking engagements and if any choir would like to enquire about the possibility of sharing a stage with the band can I invite you to visit our website where you will find contact details. The band is in a position to play at most locations in the south Wales area.
Thank you,
Diolch yn fawr.
Irfon Higgins


I just thought I would mention it...............Many thanks.