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Big John Falconer.

Hi guys.
I just thought that I would let you my best mate big John Falconer (ex 94Bty)is battling the dreaded big C he was diagnosed with bowel cancer a few months ago every thing was going well Tumor shrank and they decided to operate to remove the rest unfortunately after the op things didn't go to plan some sort of leakage,he was in a coma for a while(Ithink induced) he has had more ops since,at the moment he is in intensive care and going back to theatre tonight.I'm not in the least bit religious but I will pray for him tonight. Come on big man fight it with all you got
Sorry lads feeling a bit emotional and had to put it on paper.
Best regards Tiny

Re: Big John Falconer.

Tiny glad you managed to get into contact, please keep us informed.
all our thoughts are with him and the family.

Re: Big John Falconer.

Please send my best wishes to John Tiny. Its so many years since my days in Fally with John and Irvy Craig (RIP). John was always a fighter and I'm sure he hasn't changed mate.

Re: Big John Falconer.

Spoke to Tiny today, Unfortunately Jock is still in hospital, seems trouble with his wounds healing. Jock is in good spirits though and I dont mean the liquid type.