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Old Carver Blood dogs for sale at a working mans price.. Get todays best for less. call 337-457-5810

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Coming Soon

I’m planning to put something on the map for all my pitbull people out in the VA parts

I will let other animals hunt my land also but this one I’m working on. This one will be for my favorite breed.

Looking at a few 15-50acre parcels with small and large animals from deer, turkey, if you really got a monster may be a few bears in there but this va so a coyote, a wolf, it’s all out there lol you just got to step your game up in them woods.

Them Game Dogs:
The American Pitbull Terriers


Booked through feb
Will start accepting a few more hunters for March and April if interested in hunting. Email for more details

5hrs = $65 day or night
12hrs = $100 day or night
Each additional person: $25
(Book in advance- currently I will not allow more than one team/family of hunters at a time due to COVID and safety)

Huge property...tons of wildlife rabbit, deer, turkey, etc

Food plots can be set for additional cost must be paid 3 days in advance prior to going

Anyone running dogs price is $15 extra except for Pitbulls
Pitbulls run with their owners free

I will allow dirt bikes and ATVs also : $35 per Quad

This is on a huge private property near the beach.

Lease and hunting waivers will be required
No hunters under 18 allowed alone anytime

All I ask is if you take something out there and it don’t make it. Don’t leave it out there take it back with you!

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