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A Crunching Recipe

Alligator/Zebo stuff in the works

Only a couple will be available? This isn’t a everyday cross. No first timers on this breeding please. Only two deposits will be accepted and pay off when pick up...

Sorry fellas not dropping the ped for this one.

Just know “This one will be a very special breeding”

Re: A Crunching Recipe

wats pedigree and price

Re: A Crunching Recipe

Forgot to tell you....

Clear everything with everybody else first. I ain’t got time to waste going back and forth. Just hit me when you know you ready and all your hold ups are clear or don’t hit me at all... either works

Re: A Crunching Recipe

You breeding 2 ****eaters.Dollar to a doughnut none will work feed that garbage.Them zebo dogs only cumby has them tight and there ****eaters.

Re: A Crunching Recipe

Get a life Aries.. all that response because you want something you can’t get. Smh
Go play on the highway

Worry about your mutts that you can’t afford to keep please and stay off my stuff. Most idiots think like you

Only such and such has blah blah blah( such a pea brain)

Someone must have told you folks care about your opinion. Guess what lil girl. I dont

Re: A Crunching Recipe

I'm just telling you.Your goin disappoint yourself and deceiving folks to gain a profit and produce more curs.A zebo dog hasn't done anything noteworthy in the circuit in Yeeeeeeears.Ive had dogs strait from the late lonzo pratt.And he would tell you.You can rollem but don't boxem.You goin learn...Son.I had about 5/6 from pratt.and he was right good for schooling and owning a piece of history that doesn't get the job done.Keep your ENTIRE litter.and talk to us in a cpl years.You **** Rudy poop wet behind the ears.People don't like the TRUTH NOWADAYS.

Re: A Crunching Recipe

No one asked you anything. No one even knows who you are. Who cares if you had a dog from Trump?

I didn’t say come get these animals because they better than everything you ever had. I said they are not for the inexperienced such as yourself. The end!

Re: A Crunching Recipe

They shouldn't be for Anybody.Except for you...your the nobody and by the looks youngster your going to be just that all your life.A nobody breeding untested mutts.passing down them same genetics to your offsprings.If it were such a recipe you wouldn't have to advertise you don't even have a peds account.Show the peds and I'm pretty sure it's Watered down nothing showing up working or GT.maybe in the 6th gen.but you right about one thing...The End!MUTT breeder that don't no nothing about the mutts you putting together.Big Goofy looking puppies they goin be.mark these words,youngster

Re: A Crunching Recipe

I ain’t showing u sh*t something u wish u could see. I wouldn’t sell you anything anyway lil *******

Now test that!

Internet thugs such as yourself are laughing stock to real cats like myself. Someone should of slapped your daddy for busting that nut to make such a raggedy alien.

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