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here goes..i met alot of breeders..old time going to get to the point...ive bred my own dogs..and after 3-5 generations...ive got my own dogs i bred...the reason alot of you don't have...because alot of hounds are not bred like the papers say...maybe 60-80%..carver did it..he would not give you the real pedigree...tudor and alot of these breeders today do not even like certain people if youre not like them...i am in NO WAYS PREDJUDICE..but thier are good people all around us..i dare not say names..AND I KNOW WHO THEY sending these liers and haters your money...a lot of or have bought dogs from the dog pound..or your local newspaper..just to sell to you..and you run around screaming its PURE THIS OR THAT..LOOK..i know i was buying the wronbg stuff thinking i had ..everybody has to start somewhere....but you have to get to know people..I AM TELLING YOU WHAT THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW..i will not even register some lines all money is not good money. its not because of you..i know these no way am i going to start anything...i know these DOGS.i am not going to do anything but try and help..why me..i know i am not going to get RICH..but ill know my papers are partner has pups for sale...ive got dogs..but they are not for sale..too crazy out here...breed your own least you know its real...the reason alot of dogs dont make the grade...THEY ARE NOT BRED LIKE THE PAPERS SAY....yes im going to continue this..if you have 2 pitbulls and you want to paper them...everybody started somewhere.. after 3-4 generation you got your own...its better than all these GREAT WIVES TELLS....get in touch with me at i have all the real things the stamps...all the wont be like alot of papers..YOU WANT TO START SOMEWHERE YOU CAN .

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