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Re: Urinary Problems post brachytherapy

Hi Ted,
After reading your story, your first port of call should be your urologist. Flomax can only do so much in improving the urinary stream. From what you have detailed most likely you have urinary retention, and/or stricture, and we can probably throw prostatitis into the mix as well, all of which require intervention from your urologist. I would seek a consultation as soon as possible.

John Bonneville

Re: Urinary Problems post brachytherapy

Hello. I am 5 years removed from Brachy. I can tell you what you are experiencing was normal for me. Worse yet is that it felt like I was urinating razor blades while urinating 30 times a day. I eventually got better in frequency, but it took months for the frequency and the pain was
15 months! Ask the urologist for Vesicare as it may help with the frequency. I was almost ready to give up in my situation, but the doc kept telling me it will get better. It eventually did. I still take the Vesicare and flowmax and I have had a steady psa at .2 for about a year and a half. Best I cam ask for. Finally my urologist told me to take the flowmax early in the evening late afternoon.