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Re: Reoccurrence, 16 mth doubling, - what would you do?

Hi Matt,
I'm sorry to hear that your cancer seems to be no longer in remission and you are asking if and when you should begin ADT. With a PSA of 2.2 and a doubling time of 16 months, I think you still have some time to take a few deep breaths and catch a few more waves off the coast. My feelings are that you can continue to focus on your "quality of life" until your PSA is double digits (>10). With your numbers, that should be in the 3-3.5 year range. Of course you should monitor your PSA quarterly to insure the doubling time doesn't decrease. You may hear a lot of folks bad-mouthing ADT (Lupron) but be aware it affects some guys more than others. I read your survivor story and think you might have a good toleration for the treatment. Keeping "fit" seems to play a big in your life. The important thing to focus on while on ADT is "diet and exercise." While I am about 16 years older than you, I still make time to go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week and eat a healthy diet and never gain a kg. Yes, I do have complete ED while on Lupron, but having a zero libido makes having ED irrelevant. If/when you start ADT you should be aware that ADT over time will result in your cancer being "castration resistant" (not reacting to the ADT) generally after 2-3 years. I think as long as your doubling time stays around 16 months, you might expect a good quality of life for 5-6 more years when I expect prostate cancer treatments/cures will be vastly improved. I wish you well.

Re: Reoccurrence, 16 mth doubling, - what would you do?

Thanks Joe, I am going to watch and wait for now, PSMA PET scan has been ordered but wait times in Canada 3- 6mths. Results will prove if cancer is still localized or perhaps spa rise is due to spread?

Meanwhile continue with exercise (resistance training, surfing, paddle boarding, swimming), eat zero-low dairy, low meat. More fish, more greens, only supplements are VD3+K2, B12, Theracurmin.
Maybe add button mushroom powder, aspirin, maybe CBD oil? see if I can reduce or hold the doubling time! meanwhile enjoy life!