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Re: Alternative Treatment for Many Types of Cancers

Very interesting! All of us here are always open to some miracle cure for cancer so others don't have to endure what we have gone through. I dearly wish this finding were true. I am certainly not qualified to make judgment and try to keep an open mind to any possibility. From what I have seen and experienced, there is no cure for cancer other than removing it or destroying it (and the host tissue) in some way. A cure/prevention would be wonderful and is what we all pray for.

Through all this, it is wise to go with caution along with an open mind. Having been diagnosed with terminal cancer could actually be an advantage to trying some alternative treatments. What is there to loose? On the other hand, some of these treatments may very well come with their own set of drawbacks. I doubt if this drug is meant to be used on a continuing basis. Just a little research tells me it may be bad for one's liver. It would be nice to feel that our medical industry has our best interests in mind over profits made from cancer but we all know the power of money coupled with greed and that has us suspicious of course and with good reason. The price gouging happening right now for life saving insulin is a prime example of the greed and uncaring attitude of those who profit from other's misfortune. We would hope that somehow all the money supposedly going to cancer research also covers research into areas that we are discussing here. It is hard to have blind faith that this is a curing possibility but if so - I am all for it!! Let's hope someone of knowledge and influence is listening. Jon.

Re: Alternative Treatment for Many Types of Cancers

Good response Jon.

Re: Alternative Treatment for Many Types of Cancers

Speaking of alternative cancer treatments - One man's up date today on this site (10-29-19) spoke of going to China for a "cure" for his P.C. with success - at least to date. Some sort of herbal mix injected in to the prostate is the basis for his treatment.

One hears of these new treatments now and then and seemingly good results with little side effects. I wonder if anyone is looking into these treatment results - like the American Cancer Society for instance - to see if they are something that should be seriously considered over what we are stuck with here in the United States for treatment. Is our system so closed minded that they really don't want to find a better way? I don't know if these unconventional treatments work or not but I admire those who have the courage and ability to give them a try instead of settling for what our choices are here. That "magic pill" cure could be out there if we would just swallow our pride and admit that we here in this great country may not have all the answers and listen for alternatives that just might work. It is not uncommon for medical advances to come from outside this country, so for our own well being, more attention should be paid to other possibilities. As said before and reluctantly felt by many - is greed and profit guiding our medical industry over patient welfare? Jon.