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Re: Prazosin / B.P. drug / shows curative effect in retrospective study.

This sounds interesting enough to look into and has my attention. Anything that might help prevent recurrences is worth the effort to check out. As usual however one has to enter cautiously. Those of us on blood pressure meds and also having had P.C. are of course all ears. Any drug has side effects and this one is no different I would guess. Still, I would ask questions about it to both fields of expertise, cardiac and prostate cancer, before moving forward with it just to see if it matched both treatment parameters while not causing unforeseen problems. From the little "lay" reading I did, it appears to have some positive effect on E.D. issues but also says it relaxes muscles in the urinary system to relive BPH symptoms. Not so sure that is what someone having had a prostatectomy would want, thinking it might have a negative effect on continence. (I have an acquaintance on extensive B.P. meds - don't know if it is this one - that has had SERIOUS continence problems - like wearing diapers - from his meds even though he still has a prostate.) Anyway, thanks for bringing this up, it is worth checking out but go carefully my friends. Jon R.

Re: Prazosin / B.P. drug / shows curative effect in retrospective study.

Please share your findings with all of us.
Don O.

Re: Prazosin / B.P. drug / shows curative effect in retrospective study.

Don; I can't say I have a lot of info here but I did look up "prazosin and prostate cancer" on the web and found some info. It dialates blood vessels like many blood pressure meds do which explains why it is said to have some positive effect on ED. We all know about that I think. It has been used for blood pressure and also urologic issues like BPH. Doesn't sound like its purpose was ever for any sort of cancer control but that is "claimed" to be a side effect of using it according to studies comparing groups using it and other drugs for the same purpose. The incidence of recurring prostate cancer being much less in the group on this drug than a group using another or none at all. What caught my attention as a survivor with all the usual concerns and issues is that it works to relieve BPH by relaxing the control muscles that control urination in order to improve flow. That sounds counterproductive to me in our situation. My next contact with any medical professionals will include some questions about this as a cardiac survivor and a cancer survivor. It would be nice to have a drug that controls blood pressure and as a side effect, also PREVENTS recurrent cancer. Kind of a two-for one. Finding the right blood pressure medicine is a puzzle and once an agreeable one is found, I am hesitant to experiment without very good reason which is why I say go slowly. Jon.

Re: Prazosin / B.P. drug / shows curative effect in retrospective study.

Thanks Jon. That saves me some research time.
Regards Don