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Re: Recent High PSA results and Life Insurance

Bigfoot, your PSA is in the normal range for your age and an enlarged prostate is pretty common at that age, too. Why go through the risks of a biopsy? You haven't been given a diagnosis of PCa so nothing there to affect life insurance.

You could leave things, let sleeping dogs lie and monitor your PSA quarterly - that's sometimes called watchful waiting. If you get a rising trend, then go for the biopsy.

Just a layman's view, take it or leave it!

OC in England.

Re: Recent High PSA results and Life Insurance

Thx OC and appreciate your view. Everything I've seen agrees that I'm in normal range. Question is the trend from 1.7 in 2011, 2.5 in 2015 and the 3.5 to 4.2 range now. I suspect that this follows the trend in BPH though as well. My first thought was that I want to know so I scheduled biopsy for next Wed. Today, I canceled to take a pause to breathe and make sure to make a good decision. Also to move on life insurance before any diagnosis.

Regarding biopsy risk, what has your research shown? Key risk I've seen is risk of infection. Also some discomfort for a couple days after. Have I missed anything?

Thanks again

Re: Recent High PSA results and Life Insurance

Only thing I can add is the risk of detaching PCa cells which may find a new "home". Pretty rare possibility, though.
OC in England