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Re: Probability?

Max, Sorry to see you in this position. No advice here, just some observations. Very hard to give advice on this subject even when given sufficient facts. Not knowing your PSA history makes your 1.99 PSA a little irrelevant - to me. That in itself is not an alarming number, though I have read of men who have had cancer at that level. Dig all the thinking out of your urologist that you can to find out why he thinks a biopsy is called for. Attack it from the hope that it is indeed an infection and eliminate that as a problem before submitting to a biopsy. Biopsy is a procedure often downplayed by the medical industry in its seriousness. Poking holes in a healthy gland should be a last resort in the diagnosis process. The procedure is no fun but tolerable. It needs to be taken more seriously than just another test. It is invasive and does do damage to what may be a healthy gland. Second onions by another professional is a good idea. If cancer is strongly suspected, then by all means get the biopsy. Prostate cancer at your age, caught this early, is highly curable. You have youth on your side. One fact in all of this is that there are VERY FEW facts in this arena. There are statistics, percentages, and suppositions etc. but few facts to hang one's hat on. IF I were to give any advice, it would be to proceed with caution but do proceed. Do research and don't make hasty decisions while under stress. IF - it is cancer, even if minor, weigh the fact that it won't go away and only grow and be harder to treat the longer you wait. Hope this is of some help and that you do not have cancer. Please take into account, all this is just a layman's point of view who is a cancer victim. Best wishes, Jon R.

Re: Probability?

Thanks so much for your comments, Jon. I think I will do the test, based on MRI. According to the specialist there's hardly any risks in doing the biopsy?