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Re: recently diagnosed with prostate cancer

Oops. I thought I had replied to your inquiry about Cyberknife, but it appears that I actually replied to someone else. So....

Cyberknife was much more hype than substance. It was heavily advertised as the greatest treatment ever; the very expensive equipment was sold to many hospitals, which then had to advertise it to recover their investments. Lots and lots of advertising. A couple of friends assured me it was the only way to go. But, as of 2009, when I first investigated it, it had not been shown to be AS GOOD as some other treatments available. There were no long term follow-up reports. It was a prime example of why you should never trust advertising, or well meaning friends.

I have reviewed Cyberknife recently; the few longer term reports I found related to kidney or brain cancer. Re prostate, there some newer entries of celebrity endorsements and the like. More hype, but nothing of substance, no long term prostate follow-up reports.

There has been plenty of time now. If Cyberknife has not posted any long term reports, I infer it is because they are not very good. If your time is limited, I suggest that you not spend any more of it on Cyberknife. There are other radiation treatments which have do solid long term track records of curing PC. Note that this is not an endorsement of radiation in general, just three specific protocols.

Re: recently diagnosed with prostate cancer

Hi Noona,
I was the same age as your husband when I was treated for prostate cancer many years ago. My gleason score was higher at 4+3, psa of 5.6, and I was staged T2b (the whole left side of the prostate). I chose to have treatment with radiotherapy and have done well. Feel free to pose any questions.
best wishes

Re: recently diagnosed with prostate cancer

There are lots of types of radiation therapy. Some of them produce the highest cure rates available; others, not so good. Nothing you read about radiation is meaningful unless it states the protocol used.