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Re: retension

I had 40 radiation treatments after a failed DaVinci. I had no flow problems at all. A cystoscopy 6 months later showed no blockage or swelling.

Re: possible stricture???

Pam, I had RP in 2006 and developed a stricture removed by laser cystoscopy 6 months later. Had salvage radiation in 2007 with inflammation, painful urination near the end and for months after. Flomax helped. Had another stricture and needed another procedure a year later that seems to have resolved it. Based on my experience it seems the strictures, although severe, took months to develop and never did cause total blockage. I never did learn to self catheterize but that may be an option if problems occur away from home.

Bill N

Re: possible stricture???

I'm currently dealing with strictures also. First time I had plenty of warning, a couple of weeks my urine flow slowed until finally shut down (always seems middle of the night). Urologist dilated the contracture, taught me to self catheterize (not that big a deal, sounds worse than it is, when you hit the gold instant relief). Eventually, I couldn't get through the stricture. Bladder retention can mean a trip to ER to have a foley catheter inserted. I personally had reservations about having an anonymous ER physician do this, so I sucked it up until my urologist office opend. Uro inserted foley then scheduled a bladder neck incision. Afterwards, urinated like an 18 yr old but came with heavy stress incontinence, trade off I was good with. Lasted 2 months then again I got about a week forewarning I was shutting down. Uro had difficulty getting through scar tissue this time with cystostopy. Managed to get through (painful). Local uro recommending AUS in my case. Currently wearing a foley. Getting a second opinion up at Mayo Clinic in a week. Surgeon up there agreed over the phone an artificial sphincter may be best treatment in my case but wants to have a look and consult with his colleagues..

So, at least in my case, I had several days warning I was closing up and intermittent self catheterization is scary at first but no big deal once you do it a couple of times. It helped me to make a mark on catheter where I would cross sphincter, then relax take some time don't rush it. I would agree that it would be good idea to learn how to do it and bring a couple of the caths with you on the trip, just in case.

Hope this helps,

Dean in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (stupid hot and humid here).