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Re: Aspirin effects on psa levels

Hi Jim,

lowering the PSA level is not really what this is all about is it?
I had a high psa in Spain and was offered pumpkin seed therapy which the pharmacist was very keen on. All though it lowered my PSA I still had cancer. I have also taken 75mg Asprin tablets and a Mediterranean diet for ten years and still got it. So I would not recommend any thing without clinical trials.

All the best


Re: Aspirin effects on psa levels

I agree, have been taking 325 mg aspirin on & off for the past 35 years to help reduce sinus infections. I see no correlation. How ever, as Terry often states, every one is different & reacts differently to different things (drugs).
Faith, Hope, & Love,

Re: Aspirin effects on psa levels

Bottom line: you can't fight genetics...but you could throw a lot of punches and kicks!
Eat what God created, drink water, saw palmetto, selenium, pom. juice, ground out (at least 30 minutes daily-even if its a brisk walk)-PRAY. Dave

Re: Aspirin effects on psa levels

Aspirin and distant metastasis:

The use of anticoagulants improves biochemical control of localized prostate cancer treated with radiotherapy.
Choe KS, Correa D, Jani AB, Liauw SL.

Department Radiation and Cellular Oncology, University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois

I read a lot of research papers and this is the only one with results that might quickly change the radiation protocol for those being treated for high risk cancer (think GS 7 or greater). They found that taking aspirin or other anticoagulant during treatment and for the 6 months after treatment significantly reduced biochemical failure at 5 years (82% biochemical failure free with AC compared to 58% without) and distance metastasis at 4 years (1% with AC compared to 5% without).

Does anyone else want to comment on the paper in case I am reading too much into their results?

Re: Aspirin effects on psa levels

Th Anticoagulants (ACs) in the study included warfarin, clopidogrel, and/or aspirin.

Without knowing the detail of who had what it is difficult to tie down this study as being related to aspirin alone. The study also says - ....along with Gleason score, T classification, and initial PSA, the use of AC therapy was associated independently with improved biochemical control

Not too sure just what this means, but it seems that you'd need to read the entire study to see just what the claimed effects were.

All the best

Terry in Australia

Re: Aspirin effects on psa levels

It was really Fig. 2 that jumped out at me. It would suggest that taking aspirin or the other AC would give you the same chances with high risk as if you had low risk PC. 80% of the AC people took aspirin but some also took the warfrin or clopidogrel.