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Re: testosterone

I guess I should explain better I had davinvi done in Oct 2007 3 mo psa undetectable however I seem to be having a problem with sex drive this is why I had My testosterone checked and it was low.My family Dr said we will check it in 1 mo if it is still the same or lower I might want to consider treatment.Somewhere I read this could be a problem with a person with prostate cancer and other side affects of the medications used. Has anyone else had a problem with low testosterone and treatment

Re: testosterone

Hi Murdock,

Generally, it's the hormone treatment we PCa guys have which brings testosterone down to zilch. once that stops the T can rise. As Pat asks, are you on any medication, such as casodex or lupron?



Re: Re: testosterone

No, Im not taking any meds for my PC. The robotic went well and results were good Im 53 I was taking meds for an injury I have.Im going to check them out to see what side affects they may have. I think the testosterone may have been a factor before my operation does P C itself cause testoterone to drop I should here from my urologist after they do a second blood test

Re: testosterone

Hi Murdock,

I wouldn't have thought low testosterone was an indicator of PCa, but there are many other other conditions which can cause the drop. You need to see an endocrinologist and have all your hormones tested.

Best of luck,


PS I was just a few days short of my 54th birthday when I was diagnosed in 2005.