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Re: Re: Re: Laparoscopic rp / Da Vinci

I've decided to have the traditional surgery. After reading thousands of testimonials, and doing hours of research there is one thing for sure when choosing ANY method:THE SKILL OF THE SURGEON IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR. You only get ONE shot at this. Ask your urologist if maybe you have time time to do just a little more research. Big hospital, experienced surgeon. Good luck. Dave

Re: Re: Laparoscopic rp / Da Vinci

Jim, you say:

“The doc I had do mine had done over 1500 when he did mine. but because he did that many does that make him the best ? Some people do things numerous times and only get so good at it.”

And that’s a very good point. That’s why the advice from old hands in the prostate cancer business is that when choosing a surgeon or radiologist or anyone who is going to treat you, that you not only look at the number of procedures they have done, bit what the outcome was. Good doctors will be only too happy to share this data with you – if they don’t have it, or won’t share it, it is better to look for someone who will.