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Re: Dattoli Treatment Center

Dr. Dattoli is an experienced radiation oncologist who's treatment uses brachytherapy, IMRT and hormones, the mix determined by his patient's needs. He has a charismatic personality and his patients become extremely enthusiastic about his treatment. He is among the best in his field but is taken to criticizing other doctors and treatments severely and often inaccurately. Although I do not see an indication on his website now, in the past he has claimed to have treated enormous numbers of patients that some who have tracked his practice over the years claim to be impossible numbers.

Dr. Dattoli claims to have excellent results but has only published 5-year results (along with Kent Wallner, another excellent doctor) for intermediate and high risk patients in peer-reviewed publications. He has not published results for patients with Gleason scores less than 6 and PSA's less than 10, a category into which many of us fell when diagnosed (although I was a Gleason 7).

Most doctors and treatment centers do not publish curative results at all, so Dr. Dattoli is to be applauded for his efforts. ... however a very few others have published results for ALL patients, and with study cohorts of many more men that Dr. Dattoli. In addition they have published 10-year results, which provide a better idea of just how good their respective treatments might be. Among these are Dr. Blasko and his group at the Seattle Prostate Institute and Dr. Critz and his group at Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia.

I was treated at Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia starting on January 27, 1998 and have just received my 10 year PSA report. It's undetectable, as it has been for 8 years, so I'm excited. Even more exciting is that fact that I have absolutely no urinary, bowel, or sexual side effects.

Jack Jennings

Re: Dattoli Treatment Center

Thanks Jack,

I have also looked at RCOG and have recently received a informational pack from them. They actually do a reverse treatment from Dattoli, Brachy then IMRT. I have talked with a friend who was treated there 2 years ago. My Gleason is 3+4 PSA 5.6.
Still undecided waiting to see what insurance will cover.
Thanks again


Re: Re: Dattoli Treatment Center


Your stats are almost identical to mine. My PSA was 5.7 and Gleason 7 = 3+4. RCOG has excellent results getting insurance to pay for their treatment because of their proven results.. I had Aetna Healthcare and had less than $200 to pay out of pocket for treatment. Room and board in the Atlanta ares is, however, not cheap, unless you can get into Hop Lodge, which is FREE.,