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Re: Squad for Sunday 13th April (Home to The Sheaf)

Tom Simmons has just told me he is unavailable for this match, so with him and Terry both missing, a midfielder or forward will now have to play in defence, probably at left-back.

Grant Baker has also been in touch to apologise for being absent for our last two matches. That was due to a family bereavement. Hopefully he will be available for this match as I think either him or Mal are probably going to be needed as an outfield player. I noticed that Mal got injured in our last match and couldn't take goal-kicks afterwards, so if he is not playing this Sunday, we need to know asap before Grant decides to do something else.

The other one in the squad I am not sure about is Ryan, as I think he told Trevor during the match that he would not be coming along again to be an unused sub...which is understandable.

For us to have a squad of 14 for this match then, Trevor is either going to have to phone a few people and guarantee them a game or we just hope more than eleven turn up on the day.

Re: Squad for Sunday 13th April (Home to The Sheaf)

Just a warning that Mal does not have a car for this match and cannot get there unless somebody gives him a lift. Lexton and Cascoe both live near him but they are not answering their phones/replying to texts.

If Grant is not coming and Lexton or Cascoe do not get in touch with Mal to arrange to pick him up, then we will have no goalkeeper.

The only players who have confirmed on Teamer that they are playing tomorrow are Tem, Leon and Barney.
I haven't got a clue who else is going to turn up out of the squad listed above.