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Old Carver Blood dogs for sale at a working mans price.. Get todays best for less. call 337-457-5810

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Re: Yardclearance sale PURE COLBY

This guy expects you to send money on dogs,that he can't even send pics of the dogs let alone the pedigree.Telling all types of stories EXPECTING YOU TO TRUST HIM....A COMPLETE STRANGER ONLINE SELLING DOGS.THATS CRAZY.How can someone trust a person they've NEVER MET,let alone seen?????.Only phone call.I had cash money and this guy couldn't supply me with anything besides pics of two looking mutts.Guy crazy ask me

Re: Yardclearance sale PURE COLBY

Yea I had that same experience.

He said his name is Colby Man.

But the original Colby dude is dead.

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