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Kitty molloys

Hi just wondering if anyone rembered kitty molloys in smilthfield square

Re: Kitty molloys


Yes I remember kitty, I loved to go there ,like all others ,for the ice cream ,and the large sticks of liquorice .
Ah lovely memories .

Re: Kitty molloys

I very much remember Kitty's most Sunday nights we would congregate outside it licking sliders and gazing in at Ezabell Begley who worked behind the counter ,it's with regret I was informed of her death in England about a year ago ,what a different world today !Regards Ted

Re: Kitty molloys

Thanks very much for replying does anyone have anymore memories of Lisburn back then

Re: Kitty molloys


Do you remember a man called Bob Neil he was the ice cream maker in Kitty Molloys

Re: Kitty molloys

Yes I remember him they were the best of days

Re: Kitty molloys

Morning all,

My Uncle Paddy used to bring us a handful of large "pokes" home with him, from Kitty Molloy,s', when I stayed with my cousins in Barrack St.

We used to watch from a skylight for him coming home with the tissue wrapped "Pokes" in his hand, & the raspberry or strawberry topper beginning to melt down the sides.

Funny enough, I am not a lover of ice-cream, never was, even in those days, I would have preferred a Raspberry Ruffle any day.

BUT we throughly enjoyed ourselves, seeing who could have the last lick of that delicious Poke, which I can taste yet.

Thanks for the memories, Uncle Paddy. May he rest in peace.


Re: Kitty molloys

They say that the ice cream sold in Sloan St(part of the post office) is Kitty Molloy's recipe. Its great ice cream ! Margaret