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The Lisburn Exiles Forum is dedicated to the memory of James Goddard Collins (The Boss) who single-handedly built LISBURN.COM (with a lot of help from many contributors) from 1996 to 29th November 2012. This website was his passion and helping people with a common interest in the City of Lisburn around the world is his lasting legacy. Website
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New website coming soon

Just a quick heads up to let everyone know that I am working very hard to move the current LISBURN.COM website to a new Content Management System early in the New Year.

This has been a long time coming. I didn't have the time, skills or knowledge to make the sort of changes I felt the site needed. Now I do. :-)

When my dad passed away I was left with a wonderfully eclectic and rich website that was largely a collection of lovingly curated single web pages. Everything was woven with care by my dad, but this made updating and maintaining the site a nightmare!

It has taken me some time to choose the right platform, build up the necessary skills, analyse the data (there are over 10,000 pages and over 36,000 forum posts!), and plan for this change.

As they say, measure twice cut once!

I will post information here as soon as I feel able to share my plans and outline the changes that are coming.

Please be assured that my intention is to retain all the data, highlight some of the hidden gems, and make the site fit for the next decade online!

Onwards and upwards!


Re: New website coming soon

Brilliant Darryl! Bring it on ,pity you couldn't have had the opening on Christmas Morning it would have been brilliant to observe on my own while the wife's out trying on her new skates , but a little bit of suspense still excites
Happy Christmas To All Kind Regards Ted

Re: New website coming soon


Thanks Ted. It's been a huge undertaking, and there is still a lot of work to do. I've been hesitant about saying anything in case I hit a roadblock, but things are now moving well enough to give confidence I'm on the right track.

All best wishes to you and yours too!
Merry Christmas.

Re: New website coming soon

Darryl, Take your time and GO for it , You Know It Makes Sense .