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Hi there ,
My name is Gary barr i am the son of Harriet english from linenhall street in lisburn , my grandparents were minnie and Toby Engish , sadly my mother Harriet english has passed away on the 15th of june , myself and my family would very much appreciate any stories or old memories that anyone may have to share with us ,
Many thanks - gary

Re: Lisburn

Hi Gary, Your family name sort of rings a bell from my time as a telegram boy in Lisburn during the second world war. Did your family have any connection to the family called English who lived on the Longstone, if I remember correctly there was a son and daughter there.??

At the risk of sounding nosy whereabouts are you located?. Have a great day.


Re: Lisburn

Hi Mauri,
Thanks for getting back so quickly, my mother knew family from the longstone but they werent related to us, both sides of the family were from linenhall street my grandparents were minnie and toby (thomas) English and my grandparents were the coulters