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The Lisburn Exiles Forum is dedicated to the memory of James Goddard Collins (The Boss) who single-handedly built LISBURN.COM (with a lot of help from many contributors) from 1996 to 29th November 2012. This website was his passion and helping people with a common interest in the City of Lisburn around the world is his lasting legacy.

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So Silent

Ah the silence is so peacefull, but how can a forum that was so busy not too long ago become so dull??. There were so many interesting discussions now it seems like everybody has decided I'm keeping quiet?? "Why"?

It sure as hell does not show much respect for Jim Collins who started the Forum and who now is probably shaking his head and saying "Whats the matter with those people"? as he looks down from above.

Anyway I have said my bit and will now wait and see who is going to comment.


Re: So Silent

i'm with you, the forum was going great guns and interesting then it just disappeared? what happened?

Re: So Silent

Hi Tom. Nice to have your comment, still waiting for all the rest who have dissapeared ??, but by the looks of things will probably wait a long time,so with no response I will probably vanish myself. Have a good week. Mauri

Re: So Silent

One last attempt to try and get some reaction from the many readers of the Forum How many of you remember Ginny Black in the toy shop on Bow Street,? what about Bobby Griffin the cripple who roamed the town sand just about attended every funeral there was, he also had a running battle with Davy (Knuck Knuck) Then there was Dixie Munn who only had half arms but was a terrific artist.

How many of you remember the first American troops arriving in Lisburn during the 2nd World war and who were stationed down in the old mill in Millbrook and at Knockmore.

What about the old silver band with Leslie Corken the conducter and the concerts in Wallace Park.

I know we have talked about some of these things before but am just trying to get some conversations going, so lets have some reaction to keep the Forum alive. All the Best. Mauri

Re: So Silent

Hi Mauri, Regret to have to say you are flogging a dead horse ,It seems the forum sadly has run its course as the old contributors have moved on or have just lost interest,I missed the period that we use to share the photos especially Tommy's Contribution and others ,my last two message's disappeared and Mauri if this happens again it's definitely Fair ye we'll Culcavey! I will in this event confirm by e/m Cheers Ted

Re: So Silent

Hi Ted, Yes I am inclined to agree with you though I don't understand why so many people who were regular contributors would suddenly decide all together not to participate any more. Must be a Lisburn bug??? Mauri

Re: So Silent

No doubt Mauri it's hard to define but the poison pen contributor added to the destruction I think and the craic had gone out of it as well as Jim's influence and the work he put into wasn't there anymore sadly ,Regards Ted

Re: So Silent

hiya ted
i,m also so disappoited that we fell off the news.
what is the poison pen letter you mentioned. i,ve been following,and contributing to the exiles since about 66 and it,s all a big surprise and disappointing. good luck tom

Re: So Silent

Hi Tom,A lot of months back some individual posted some nasty unsigned articles refrensing Ann Mauri,and myself , Ann took it very personal and never contributed to the forum again including her sister also and it just started to go downhill after that ,and of course your contribution with photos was greatly missed ,in the meantime I do hope this finds you both well ,I haven't been back in Jonnie Longs since they were license ed to sell alcohol (I do like a wee wine)but definitely will make the effort Kind Regards to you both Ted