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Wakey, Wakey

"What Ho My Hearties". You all having a nice long rest from the Forum, myself included.?? "Well" I just thought I might wake some of you up and maybe hear from you???. Everything just as normal this side of the Atlantic and now officialy into spring with the weather showing it as it is a lot milder and getting warmer each and every day.Hope this finds everybody all keeping well and hope to hear from somebody soon??. Bye Mauri

Re: Wakey, Wakey

hi mauri,
good to read you are still going well.i,m in victoria at the moment with continual medical visits, but returning to gold coast mid may about.
good time here, we know a lot of people so visits dinners all sorts. had a few little trips. last one about 4 days was round the old 1880 gold fields castlemain chewton malden all historical places. i like history. didn't find any gold though? but still old houses machinery etc. all interesting stuff. so, good luck mauri tom

Re: Wakey, Wakey

Hi Tom. "Boy", you sure get around between Victoria and Queensland, don't you ever go into Sydney?? When I was in Australia from 1950-56 being in the Navy I spent most of my time in Sydney though when I left the aircraft carrier HMAS Sydney I was drafted to a small shore base in Port Adelaide which was the worse draft I ever had in both the Royal and Royal Austrailan navies, it was run by reserve officers who thought they were Admirals I was only there ten months then back to the torpedo school in Sydney {Thank God}

My stepson and his wife were in Aussie for two weeks back in Febuary and really enjoyed themselves in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Weather here starting to warm up beautifull day yesterday even though we had some snow now into spring so things can only get better. Anyway Tom enjoy yourselves and All the Best for now. Best Wishes. Mauri

Re: Wakey, Wakey

Well,Well. Only one reply to this comment yet 108 views, whats the matter with you people?? where did all the folks go who used to be reguIar contributors, have a good mind to put Sticky Sloan after you.and for those of you who don't know who he is,he used to be the doorman at the "Picture House"with a loud voice.??? Now I am showing my age?? "Oh" to be 19 again and arriving in Lisburn on a three week leave????. Best Wishes to everyone. Bye Mauri

Re: Wakey, Wakey

Well,Well. Now nearly ten days since anybody contributed a comment. "Whats the matter"? you all gone to sleep??. carry on like this and whoever is looking after the technical side might as well delete the whole Forum.

Here in Ontario beautifull weather yesterday and today with the temperature up around 10oC and nice and sunny, soon we will be complaining about the heat when it realy soars??. Anyway Folks have a Great Day and lets hear from some of you. All Best Wishes. Mauri