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Re: Childhood games

Speaking of childhood pranks.

One of my most regrettable tricks was to place a Meta tablet on a stovetop while attending a winter Sunday school function. Meta was a solid fuel ( Metacetaldehyde ) and was used as a substitute for Methylated Spirit.

It was readily available but few, thankfully, knew its dark side.

All of us children were having a great time, feasting on tea and wee buns under the supervision of the Rev J.H.Orr when “ The devil made me do it “.

I placed a Meta tablet on top of the hot stove.

Soon the entire classroom was filled with snow, caused by the solidified fumes of the Meta falling and causing a real mess.

Afterwards, I regretted doing this, as his Reverence was really distraught at the mess it had made.


Re: Childhood games

’Skittles Sounds likethe game I tried to remember, though late forties would have been my time - pre- teens.

Re: Childhood games

another product on sale in the Trick Shop was a liquid that if you shook out a few drops the whole room smelt like someone broke wind