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Re: Flamingoes

the only things I remember around Gracys are Fergonson´s wee shop, the empty Nissan huts where there once was a POW camp where later the school was built and the Braniel Hall getting built at the end of the 40s.

Re: Flamingoes

I can’t even remember how I got there, but those bright pink flamingoes stick in my mind.

Re: Flamingoes

The only thing I remember about Gracys was picking raspberries around 1949 for I think sixpence for filling a 7Lbs tin , then we were able to use the canteen were we got a glass of milk to wash down the packed lunch , God I had a ferrous appetite then and I loved salad sandwiches then, my Da use to grow lettuce and scallions in the garden and they had flavour , yesterday I was in Marks & Spencer's and herself bought a bunch of scallions and I looked at the label when we got home and to my surprise found they were grown in Egypt and the lettuce it was from Spain and they had nothing in comparison to what we grew in the garden then at home ,

Re: Flamingoes

we used to go picking raspberrys in graceys as well, but later on than you. we thought it was great because you could eat as many as you wanted?, but that lost a bit of shine after a while?