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Lisburn Lurkers

I suppose the Lisburn Lurkers were all in the Tuesday market today and afterwards in Wetherspoon´s Tuesday Bell?

Re: Lisburn Lurkers

Donald , I don't think there would have been to many about yesterday morning as it was quite cold and miserable ,I myself got up to go for a swim but looking out changed my mind and just got back into the scratcher ,I would say if any were in Weatherspoon's they were probably on the hot ones as it was the right day for them, Regards Ted

Re: Lisburn Lurkers

Hi Ted ,Donald
Good to hear all are well, on the Forum . Ted you are game as a badger , going swimming ,these mornings . A personal question ,do you wear a Tarzon loin cloth ,Ha Ha . Just a bit of fun . Brings back memories of a big fellow ,who used to go swimming ,down by the wee race ,and there was a swing across, and he also was wearing a black loin cloth ,and I think he had the knife on the waist belt .Maybe you remember him . Those were the days .
Joking aside , I have to admire yourself ,and others ,who go to the swimmers ,and keep healthy .I keep saying to myself ,I will have to go ,but I suppose it is getting started .
Donald it is good to hear you have not lost your appetite ,and are still on the go , sorry to be missing our good friend , Ann , thought that she would be back . But hope she is well ,and also Dominic ,is in good health . Mayde meet her in the new undercover market , at Penny Lane .
All best wishes to all .
Thomas :wink: :heart_eyes:

Re: Lisburn Lurkers


Unfortunatly not as good as it was before 30 years, then I could eat a large pig´s knee alone, accompanied by a few litres of good Bavarian Beer and a large portion of potato salad then a large Pretzl to close my stomach. Now when I go to the Augustiner Bierhall in Munich once a month to meet up with ex collegues they sell roasted pigs knees as take-aways for €6,90 each. I often buy one to take home but together herself and I need two sittings to finish it off. In summer in Closter Andecs near Munich they also sell pigs knees left over from the previous day for €5,00,we eat the half and bring the rest home where I make an aspic pork supper with it.If Lowercase reads this no doubt his mouth will be watering.He loves coming here to the Vaterland but leaves with a copmlex as he gets a culture shock and is surprised by the number of intelligent, well mannered citzens.


Re: Lisburn Lurkers

Afternoon Tommy, I think I know the person you are describing ,his nickname was Tarzan I think and he had the knife as well, I remember him swimming at the Point ,there use to be a lane there that ran up to a dam and he use to take a rundown that lane a take a header right out into the middle of the lagan, as for myself I had my swim as usual this morning and there were only two others sharing the pool and it was brilliant, then the sauna which I enjoy only I had it to myself this morning consequently missed the craic, then had a shower and home to a late breakfast, Tommy I have got to the stage now that I have a guilt complex If I mess it, Once again Tommy great to hear from you and I hope this finds you both well, Kind Regards Ted

Re: Lisburn Lurkers

Hi Donald

Love your turn of fraze (close my stomach ) At least you have still a good appetite .
All the best of health ,to you and your family ,for the New Year . Wishes a bit late ,but it is the thought that counts !
Take Care !
Thomas :wink: :relaxed:

Re: Lisburn Lurkers

Hi Ted

Boy you have some lifestyle ! Wish I had your get up and go !

All good health for the days ahead !


Tommy:wink: :smile:

Re: Lisburn Lurkers

hi all,
strange to read how the cold is affecting you. completely different here in australia, we're in a heat wave here today is 30c and has been for a while. at night we keep the doors and windows open for a breath of air at night and lots of people in the shops for the air conditioning during the day. ah well, make the best of it.