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Xmas & New Year.

"Wakey Wakey Everyone, rise and shine the morning is fine". I say that because I think everbody must be asleep with the lack of participation on the Forum.
While I fully realize everybody was busy with Xmas including myself as my family all met in a local restaurant for Xmas dinner which was excellant if you like fancy food, myself I am a plain eater so didn't enjoy it that much and left quite a bit on my plates.

Anyway people Here's Wishing you All The Best for a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year, a bit premature I know, but what the heck. Tally Ho Mauri

Re: Xmas & New Year.


Here in Devon, it is unusual to get snow, so we haven't seen as much as a snowflake. It has been mild for the time of year, but getting colder now with a bit of frost forecast. Yesterday we went for a four mile walk. It was very muddy along the little country paths near the sea but exhilerating! That is our idea of a good Christmas! Don't give up walking Maurie it is so good for all of us!

Best wishes


Re: Xmas & New Year.

Hi Liz, We don't do much walking now as Joy has to use a cane,at one time we done quite a bit.

I remember one time in my Royal Navy days going to sleep on the prom in Plymouth getting woke up by a Police Officer and walking all the way back to Wembury camp outside Plymouth and getting there in the wee hours of the morning,not sure how far that is but quite a distance.doubt if I could do it now. I was all of 19 at the time. Have a Great New Year. Mauri