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Well Well, Has been snowing all night here so woke up to a winter wonderland, was my intention to go Xmas shopping but have decided to put it off to a later day, I must be getting old to let a little snowstorm cancell my schedule.???

Normally put snow tires on my car in winter but this year threw them away as the robbers in the garage where I usually had them put on doubled their charge so after a heated row with the manager walked out. How about in Northern Ireland do they bother with snow tires??? Just wondering??, Mauri

Re: Weather

Morning Mauri,Regarding winter tyres ,it's something I was never aware of here and I never see anyone using chains anymore ,I honestly don't think we experience the severe weather here that would require them and I think the expence involved would deter a lot of people anyway? In the meantime stay safe

Re: Weather

Hi Ted, Yes the really severe winters don't happen that often in Northern Ireland, though I remember one time when I was on the oil tanker "British Osprey" and after months running on the Indian coast from the Persian Gulf we loaded for Rotterdam and dry dock in Belfast.

After discharging in Rotterdam we arrived in Bangor and anchored for the night then proceeded up to Belfast the next day. The customs found drugs in the engine room so we were held up getting ashore but finally making it up to Lisburn with a friend from the Outer Hebridees.

When he was going to Aldergrove airport a couple of days later it started to snow and never stopped for about 24 hours was really a mess, this would be in January 1963 I remember sitting in Jakie Corkens and somebody asked me how come I was so tanned in the middle of winter.??? Mauri

Re: Weather

Hi Mauri,

Once again you are worse off in Barrie with the snow than we are in Niagara, we got about 4-6". Our temps at night were around -6c, however tonight it is forecast to be -14c with a wind chill of around -26c....extra blanket tonight methinks.

I have kept this short as I still hit two letters at a time not every time mind you, enough to make me slow.


Re: Weather

Mauri, 1963We were living in Ilford in Essex,and working for Ford of Dagenham and I remember we use to travel in and out in a minivan 12seater,and one evening in winter traveling home we hit smog and we had to take turns walking in front of the van to guide it I wasn't to bad as I got of in Ilford but the rest were going on to Tottenham in London,it was a horrible stuff ,Re Corkins and Tam Browns now long gone,

Re: Weather

Hi Beano, I have just been out shopping and the temperature is supposed to be around -21c and it sure feels like it. Went out early to get it over with as supposed to be more snow later today, its weather like this that makes me think of the winters I used to spend in our condo in Florida???

Hi Ted, One time on an oil tanker called the "Bideford" we were heading for London fully loaded when we ran into thick fog in the English channel, our Captain was only 30 years old and wouldn't slow down, now the straits of Dover is a busy shipping lane so all we could hear was ship's fog horns and sounding our own ploughed ahead, several times we had near misses,was sure a relief to reach the Thames. I still sweat when I think of it????. Mauri

Re: Weather

Mauri, That episode in the English channel sound like shear madness, recently there was a documentary on TV regarding the English Channel as the busiest shipping Lane in the world !and watching it with all the modern technology today I don't think you could just plough through it today and not be noticed ,it seemed more like a control tower one would see at Heathrow, a scary episode indeed Regards Ted