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Where is everybody??

Ann, If you are reading this please take the time to respond, you know everybody wants to see you back the Forum is not the same without you.

Pat, You too, don't seem to be as active on the Forum as you were.lets hear from you.

Dabbler, Where the heck have you got too? we have not heard from you for ages, were you not over in the Lisburn area? I thought you would be telling us all about it.

Xmas fast approaching and I have not started my shopping yet, thank God have only the wife to buy for so guess will have to pay a visit to the Mall which is a place I don't particuarly like. Anyway guys and girls hope this finds you all in the Xmas mood "Well Nearly". Mauri

Re: Where is everybody??


We are having family illnesses at present which take up all our time but friends are always in our thoughts.

Hopefully 2018 will be a better year for us all.

We wish you,Joy & our Forum friends a Very Happy Christmas & New Year.


Re: Where is everybody??

Hi Pat, Thank you for the Xmas greetings and from Joy and myself the same to you and Joe and trust the family illness's are not too serious and a full recovery is inn sight. Best Wishes Mauri & Joy

Re: Where is everybody??

Only one reply to my query "Where is everybody", and this is the Christmas season.???

I often think of where I spent other Christmas'es.

Simonstown South Africa, Middle of Suez Canal.Kure Japan, Sasebo Japan. Plymouth England. RAF Brize Norton England, Sydney Australia, Port Adelaide South Australia, New York harbour, McDill Air Force Base.Tampa Florida, 3 in Lisburn since 1945 and a couple at sea in the middle of no where.

When we used to spend the winters in Florida in our condo in Clearwater we usually went with friends to a restaurant for Christmas dinner which was always very enjoyable, really miss those days, but time marches on??

Re: Where is everybody??


Thank you for sharing so many of your memories with us. Yes, we miss the good times of the past and as you say time marches on. Trouble is time seems to go faster the older we get. My best wishes to you and Joy for a peaceful and happy Christmas.


Re: Where is everybody??

Hi Liz, Thank you for your Xmas greetings, and from Joy and I to you and yours a
Very Merry Xmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year. Mauri&Joy

Re: Where is everybody??


I am so sorry to hear of your family illnesses. They are no fun at any time, they just seem worse at Christmas. Doreen and my own prayers are with you and all the family. I am keeping tabs on Bronagh's problem and we hope her treatment is working ok, it must be so hard for her without family being here. Pat and Joe and all the family we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and "Healthy" New Year.

Mauri & Joy and Liz and Pastor Pat, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and A Happy Healthy New Year.


My dad asked me to finish this post as his hands are swollen and he keeps hitting two keys at a time, it would take him till tomorrow to type this piece. He loves this forum and looks on everyone as a friend. I would like to add my best wishes to you all.

Karen Hanna Olm.(Bill's daughter)

Re: Where is everybody??

This is my second effort!Beano it's with deep regret that thanks to Karen I read of your effort to keep the forum on the road I am truly sorry to read that the fingers are not as nimble as they once were and appreciate your input, without a doubt Christmas can be a sad period at times for those who are ill or suffering from the loss of a dear one from the year just gone,with this in mind my deepest sympathies to all of you who are experiencing health problems or recent brevments especially now,to all my friends on the forum I wish you find some relief for any misfortunes that come your way,and hope your Christmas brings some joy and peace Have a nice one Ted

Re: Where is everybody??

Hi Beano, Sorry to hear about your disability, hope things improve for you and trust it is not a continuing problem. Got any snow down your way yet?, we woke up this morning to a white winter wonderland supposed to get more later on. Anyway here's wishiing you and yours a "Very Merry Xmas" and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. All the Best. Mauri

Re: Where is everybody??

Hi mauri ,
I dont know if you would remember my mother harriet English your name sounds familiar to me , sadly she passed away a few weeks ago if you know her and have any stories about her or the english or coulter family could you get back to me my family would very much appreciate it
Many thanks

Re: Where is everybody??

Hi Gary, My deepest sympathy on the passing of your Mother. I responded to your other message yesterday thinking that you might have been one of the English family on the Longstone however you say in another entry your family is from Lininhall street (probaly spelt that wrong)

Are you still living in Lisburn now? not too many people left there that I know or know me. Anyway Gary this is just to say HI and wish you all the best.