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Missing submarine

I wonder how many of you have read about the Argentina submarine that is missing in the South Atlantic with a crew of 44. Takes my memory back to my Royal Navy days when at the ripe old age of 18 I was a volunteer for the submarine service along with a couple of mates and what I mean by that is we put our requests into together.

Because I transferred to the Royal Australian Navy in 1950 the request became null and void as the Australian Navy at that time did not have any submarines.

Of the two other guys who put their request in one finiished up on the submarine "HMS Affray" which dissapeared of the Channel Islands in 1951. and although it was found no attempt was ever made to bring it up, as it was on a training exercise at the time there was more personnel on board than normal in fact there was somewhere around 90 people on board and there they still sleep. Mauri

Re: Missing submarine

hi mauri,
first i,ve heard about the hms affray, it would have been a royal navy vessel i expect, oz didn;t have the manpower then probably for submarines. oz have now ordered three from france i think, but will be built in australia.
hope you are keeping well tom

ann, i join the others in hoping you reconsider your decision to say farewell, forum is not the same without you. tom

Re: Missing submarine

Hi Tom, Yes the Australian Navy never had submarines in my time down there,however they do have them now I understand.
The Royal navy had three submarines based at the Balmoral Naval Depot which were used in exercises with the RAN, they were.

HMS Telemachus, HMS Thorough and HMS Tactician These were World War ll veterans.

I understand that they have a new submarine base further up Sydney harbour just under the bridge.

I am fine thank you but now that we are coming into the Xmas rush wish I was on a submarine in the Pacific somewhere.???? Mauri

Re: Missing submarine

I think the country with the most ships and submarines is Austria.
Lowercase can certify this as his knowledge and admiration of the Vaterland and its surrounding neighbours ( especially the giant Schnitzels in Riederer and the excellent Augustiner and Andecs beers) is exceptional.

Re: Missing submarine

...and Vaterland is where..?

Re: Missing submarine

lowercase can answer this, it is his favourite country

Re: Missing submarine


Fatherland,homeland:the land from which one originates

Vaterland Norway a neighborhood in Oslo

Re: Missing submarine


Germany,in unambiguous or ironic contexts

Re: Missing submarine

Steven McGann

Germany,in unambiguous or ironic contexts
Germany is not the only one

Groups that refer to their native country as a "fatherland"[edit]
Groups with languages that refer to their native country as a "fatherland" include:

the Afrikaners as Vaderland
the Albanians as Atdhe
the Arakaneses as A pha rakhaing pray (အဖရခိုင်ပြည်)
the Belarusians as Baćkaŭščyna (Бацькаўшчына)
the Bulgarians as Tatkovina (Татковина) and Otechestvo (Отечество)
the Czechs as otčina
the Chechens as "Daimokh"
the Danes as fædreland
the Dutch, as vaderland
the Estonians as isamaa (as in the national anthem Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm)
the Finns as isänmaa
the Frisians as heitelân
the Georgians as Samshoblo (სამშობლო - "[land] of parents") or Mamuli (მამული)
the Germans, as Vaterland (as in the national anthem Das Lied der Deutschen)
the Ancient Greeks as patris
the Greeks as "patrida"
the Icelanders as föðurland literally meaning "land of the father"
the Iranians as mihan (میهن or vatan (وطن - Arabic loanword)
the Irish as Athartha
the Kazakhs as atameken
the Latvians as tēvzeme
the Liechtensteiners as Vaterland
the Lithuanians as tÄ—vynÄ—
the Nigerians as fatherland
the Norwegians as fedreland
the Oromo as Biyya Abaa
the Pakistanis as Vatan
the Poles as ziemia ojców literally meaning "land of fathers", somethimes used in the phrase ziemia ojców naszych literally meaning "land of our fathers"
the Russians as Otečestvo (Отечество
the Serbs as otadžbina (отаџбина
the Somali as Dhulka Abaa, land of the father
the Swedes as Fädernesland
the Swiss as Vaterland (as in the national anthem Swiss Psalm)
the Thais as pituphum (ปิตุภูมิ , the word is adapted from Sanskrit
the Tibetans as pha yul (ཕ་ཡུལ་
the Welsh as the land of my fathers (Y Wlad Fy Nhadau)

Re: Missing submarine

The ocean liner SS Vaterland,later know as SS Leviathan

Re: Missing submarine

my posting was just a nonsense to attract Lurker Lowercase onto the forum, everyone knows that Austria, not being on the sea has no Navy but the best and biggest Schnitzels ever

Re: Missing submarine

Donald had already caught on

Re: Missing submarine

I have enjoyed my holiday here in USA everyone has made us feel welcome but looking forward to my return to Munich to see the kids and grandkids. Next week my friends and I have planned a trip to Tegernsee to the brewery beside the lake to enjoy the good beer,excellent food and views of the lakes and mountains.

Re: Missing submarine

Arrived home on Thursday after a very nice holiday to snow and ice, looking forward to Xmas . I had a few Augustiner beers, a Pretzel and 2 Weisswurst. with sweet mustard.

Welcome Home,

Donald Nice to know you are home safely ,I suppose you have a beautiful tan? Regarding your appetite it seems quite healthy,what about Gabby hope they are keeping well,Regards Ted

Re: Welcome Home,

Gaby is doing well, enjoying the climate change and the area around Charlotte. We went to visit a wine vineyard before driving down to Fort Lauderdale. The drive down was for me interesting as I saw USA which was different from Florida.