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Hurricane Ophelia

Hi Pat,

I was hearing on CNN just now of the "Hurricane" heading your way. It specifically mentioned Clare, Mayo and Galway. I have experienced two of really bad ones, both when we were in Myrtle Beach S.C., we had to be evacuated, it was no fun.
We are praying you and Joe will be safe, if you have structural damage I hope it is minimal.

The same sentiments apply to all my friends North and South we hope and pray everyone of you stay safe.

In Niagara we don't get anything other than the odd thunder storm,. at present our weather is great, a bit windy and the rest of the month looks great.

Stay Safe.


Re: Hurricane Ophelia

No doubt Hurricanes can be dangerous,I have experienced a few at sea although under in a couple of cases different names.In 1947 going from South Africa to the Falkland islands,I nearly got washed overboard in the middle of a howling South Wester and then there was Typhoon Ruth in 1951 off Japan on the aircraft carrier HMAS Sydney when we lost several aircraft and a tractor overboard.

Also went through a second Typhoon the name of which I can't remember going from Hong Kong to Korea on the 1200 ton frigate HMAS Murchison when we nearly turned right over,talk about being scary???

I could go on and on but better shut up or I will be accused of bragging ????? Mauri

Re: Hurricane Ophelia

Hi all. We have Storm Ophelia heading up North around 3 pm today. All schools have been closed and people have been advised to stay indoors. The storm has already arrived around Cork and Galway, moving upwards with winds of up to 80 mph. As a precaution, Pat and Joe have moved out of their cottage and are staying with one of their daughters who lived nearby but whose house is not as isolated nor as open to the winds. A few years ago Pat and Joe's cottage had a huge tree fall down on it, although they had left the house just a short time before. They are not taking any chances again. I took the pup out this morning for a walk. There were very few people about and it reminded me of Christmas Day. It's actually very mild although a little windy, but the afternoon will tell a different tale. I'll give Pat a ring shortly and see how they're faring.

Re: Hurricane Ophelia

Ann, If you are talking to Pat wish her and Joe All the Best from Joy and myself. Hope the storm passes without doing too much damage at least most houses and buildings in Northern Ireland are pretty solid compared to some other parts of the world, like for example Puerto Rico which has been devastated and where it will take months to recover


Re: Hurricane Ophelia

Mauri, the storm wasn't too bad around Lisburn. The schools are still off today as a precaution, but we got away lightly. I'll pass on your good wishes (and Joy's) to Pat and Joe.

Re: Hurricane Ophelia

Thank you for your post Ann. I have been trying to reach NI and not succeeding. Good to know all is "well".

Re: Hurricane Ophelia


I wonder will "Porto" ever recover, unbelievable devastation.

Delighted you decided to stay on the Forum you would have been sorely missed. Best Wishes to Joy and Yourself.

I can't believe this went through, I tried to post to Ann and it didn't go. I just don't know what the problem is????


Re: Hurricane Ophelia

Hi Beano, Yes, there must be a technical explanation for the vanishing of our entries.?? I had typed up a pretty long explanation for reconsidering leaving the Forum then "Poof" it disappeared as I was reading it under preview. Maybe young Mr.Collins could explain,How about it I'm not sure of his first name but will say Jim junior. Best Wishes to you Beano and family. Mauri