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Car Trips

In years gone by my wife and I while on vacation used to take some long car trips, in fact I remember on one occasion while we were at a cottage by the lake north of Toronto we got tired of the surroundings and on the spur of the moment took off and finished up in New Orleans,to this day I still don't understand how I never got a speeding ticket.??

Another long trip was down to Arizona then across the border to Mexico and back up to Colerado then turning East and through Chigago and on this occasion I did get a speeding ticket of $50 on the Interstate highway if my memory serves me right.

One I really enjoyed was driving out to Vancouver leaving my car at my Stepson's house who was an Air Traffic controller at Vancouver airport in those days,then flying up to Alaska and while there touring by bus then returning to Vancouver on a cruise ship.

We then drove down into the USA and returned to Toronto across the country.

While I would still like to take off on a trip,sadly Joy because of her disablilty is no longer interested and is quite content to stay home. Mauri

Re: Car Trips

Just remembered the speeding ticket was in Kansas, I saw the Police Cruiser in the West bound lane and then while I was watching him in my rear view mirror he made a U turn and I thought who is he after, I soon discovered it was me????, Mauri

Re: Car Trips

I also forgot to mention that for 12 years after we retired we drove down to Florida every winter as we had a Condo in Clearwater.and only once during those years did I get a speeding ticket and that was on the I-75 in Ohio. Lucky Me??? Mauri

Re: Car Trips

Mauri, I am lucky to have been issued only one ticket in the many years we have travelled US Interstate Highways and twisty-turny roads.

As a matter of fact, we were on the way home, on the coastal US 101 highway at the southern outskirts of Crescent City CA which you mentioned on your post. We were just about to make a stop for lunch and anticipating this, Frances had removed her seat belt and was putting on a jacket, to save time.

Unaware that Frances was removing her belt, we passed a CHIP car facing south and I quickly checked my speed, only about 5 over the limit, that should be OK. Alas, he turned around in the road and followed us with lights flashing. I quickly pulled over and the officer asked me if I was aware that my passenger was not wearing a seat belt. I looked quickly over to see that Frances was sans belt.

As I was responsible for my passengers conduct in this regard, it was poor wee me who was stuck with the ticket. The CHIP officer was courteous afterwards and led us to the restaurant we were hoping to visit. **** meal cost me another $ 68 US because of this ticket.


Re: Car Trips

Forty Coats, When I was working I used to drive all over Ontario and got several speeding tickets until I woke up and started driving within the limits???

One other interesting car trip I should have mentioned was in South Australia, I lad left the aircraft carrier HMAS Sydney and was stationed at the reserve training depot HMAS Torrens in Port Adelaide.

I had two uncles living in the area both who had immigrated to Australia back in the 20s, one in Adelaide and one on the Yorke Peninsula on a farm near a little town called Minlaton.

One time when I had some leave I decided instead of going by bus I would rent a car and drive to Minlaton,now I was at this time the ripe old age of 22 so didn't think anything about the make of car which was a Ford 8.and off I went on what should have been about a six hour drive.

However when I was in the middle of nowhere,with not a house In sight
or anything other than wild scrub etc I heard a clatter from the engine and on stopping found the Carb had fallen out.

Well I sat there for God knows how long while several cars passed my but wouldn't stop despite my signals,untill a truck came along stopped and picked me up and took me into Minlaton where I contacted a garage who sent a tow truck out and picked the car up.

I was so green then that when they fixed the problem I paid them and never even attempted to get repaid from the rental company when I returned the car. Mauri

Re: Car Trips

One more little car {truck} experience then I will shut up. While on leave in Lisburn way back in 1949 Isac Collins the grocer asked me to make some country deliverys in his Bedford 30cwt truck as his regular driver was off sick.

I jumped at the chance and with the truck fully loaded with groceries and bags of flour and pig meal I took off out the Moira road on my way to the Maze and Broomhedge.

As I went down Hull's Hill I should have changed down to a lower gear but at the time didn't think about it so went down the hill really fast and had a job steering round the bend as I thought the truck was going to turn over and in fact was lucky there was no traffic coming the other way as I had to use the whole road to get round the bend.

It took me all day to make the deliveries and then stopped in Lizzie Drakes Pub for a few beers on the way home which should have been a NO NO but the folly's of youth.???? Mauri

Re: Car Trips

Mauri, I've said this before, but you have led a very exciting and varied life, and you haven't stopped yet. I enjoy your stories very much. Keep on truckin'.

Re: Car Trips

Thanks Ann, Lovely sunny weather here all week with the temperature in the mid 20sC will try and send some your way for the week-end. I was looking at the Belfast temperatures the other day and it was rain,rain,showers.but I guess when people are used to it they don't complain, I remember when I was riding my Post Office bike during the war I didn't think anything of having to wear an oilskin cape a good part of the time. Memories. Mauri

Re: Car Trips

Beautiful weather still here in Niagara 32c today more of the same for the next week!!!!

Ann and Pat,

My sister Liz just left today after spending three weeks with us. On Monday night my sister and myself were going over old photos, one of them was of four ex-service men at an army hospital in "Waringsfield"
the four named were ...Veterans, Toner, Lavery, Hanna(My Dad) and Skillen. Did you have anyone in your family, maybe even your Dad stay there, it had to be in the early sixties. Just curious, their first names were not given.


Re: Car Trips


YES INDEED MY dad did spend time in Waringsfield,would love to see that photo. We used to joke how my Dad loved to get into photos,wonder was it him.?


Re: Car Trips


Must have been in the early 50,s I think as he retired around then.

With an Hounourable Discharge too.