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Memory Loss

I was listening to John Bennett on the radio last night and he was speaking about his own personal expeience of memory loss regarding people's names. I could empathise with him as I find that I cannot remember the names of people sometimes when I meet them. It is very awkward at times. My way of getting round this is greeting them with "How are you doing". However, all the time we are having a conversation, I keep thinking, "What is their name"?. This happens with people I know very well, which is frustrating. I realise thate this is what happens to most people as they get older. Sad, really, but then the people who are in our age group are having the same problem, so who cares? These young ones, they have it all in front of them, all the wrinkles, pains and aches, memomry loss, invisibility, looking at their hands and wondering who they belong to, then realizsing they are tbeir own hands, veins showing, gnarled, and belonging to someone else.. Unfortunately, not. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Re: Memory Loss

The effects of age is frustrating sometimes especially when I put things away AND then forget where I put them. Some things I have never found.!

Remembering names is another,I can see the person but until an hour later can,t remember their name but it always comes to me.

Then shopping, I always now write a shopping list but most times forget to bring it with me. The same with glasses,then I,m peering close to the price tags.

I feel the same but catching sight if a face in a window of an old woman surprises me!?

L.O. L to myself......Pat.

Re: Memory Loss

Hi Ann,Pat, Strangely enough I still have a pretty good memory for my age as Joy is often telling me,as she forgets what she has had for breakfast. I have a bad habit of telling stories from the past and she is always saying how the heck do you remember that???. I even remember the ice cream in "Fuscos" Just kidding???. Mauri