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Good to be back in the World

Morning everyone,

At last our communication network is up & running after 6weeks.!!!!!!
Don't know the reason for the delay as previously a day or 2 was all that was needed to fix anything. I intend to write for an explanation & compensation to EIR the network .Disgraceful service

Missed the contact all those weeks as we only had a mobile phone which costs too much to use as often as one would like every day.Joe was delighted as he never answers the phone & loves isolation.
Joe & I had our 65th Wedding Anniversary on 27th August, so it was a quiet affair, as after all these years the meal at home & family around with a glass of wine seems better than anything.

The years flew past without us taking much stock as every day was busy with work & family. Nice to remember the cycle of life from being teenagers, with the future full of plans to now, most of those plans gone astray.

We never thought we would ever leave our hometown of Lisburn for one, that was the farthest thing from our minds, as our family was close & we all lived in each other's houses, every day a visit to the family home was natural & the doors were always open,especially in times of sickness etc we always helped each other. We were never alone.

The wheel has turned full circle now, the family are scattered, we live in peace & quiet surrounded by Nature, idyllic ,but the old times remembered seem the best, knowing everyone in town, meeting on the street having a chat or even a ridicule, hearing the latest scandal or laughing at a joke told at the street corner or the shop. Memories memories keep us remembering.

Anyway life must go on so breakfast time now so bye for now, glad to be on the lifeline again, regards to all. Hope Mauri, you & Joy are well & keeping on the go as usual, also Beano & Daphne, after her knee operation.


Re: Good to be back in the World

Welcome back Pat, I for one missed your stories. Many congratulations on your 65th anniversary.You and Joe are a great couple, as God makes them he matches them. That's an old saying I'm sure you remember. Good luck to you both.Pam

Re: Good to be back in the World

Hi Pat, Good to see you back on line again and your communications restored. Joy and I send our contratulatons to you and Joe on your 65th wedding anniversary,we just celebrated our 31st on the 29th August.

Nothing exciting to report from this neck of the woods,weather forecast for this week really good with the temperature in the low 20sC and lots of sunshine. Take Care. Mauri & Joy

Re: Good to be back in the World

Hi Pat,

Delighted to see you back. I would like to add " Our" congratulations on your 65th anniversary, may there be many more.
I have been having trouble posting to the Forum at various times, so I had given up for a while. Mauri Ann and Donald keep us all going. I miss the Dabbler, if you are looking in Joe, I wish you all you would wish for yourself, keep well old friend.
As Mauri has said our weather has been great, I only hope it continues till Sat.(16th). I am sure I have told you in the past we run a Golf Tournament in Memory of our Grandson who took his own life almost ten years ago. My daughter Karen and her Husband Bernie do most of the work every year, to date we have raised over $95,000 the biggest percentage goes to the Mental Health here in Niagara. I must add that we get great support from the Irish and Scots in our area. Long may it continue.


Re: Good to be back in the World

Morning all,

Thanks very much for the congratulations, the years fly past. now I appreciate time more, very day a blessing.

Canadians are enjoying the sun while we are still waiting for it but looking forward to October, maybe things will improve. I think we are getting the affects of the hurricanes as high winds are forecast later today too.

Great work you are doing Beano, suicide is a big problem in Ireland especially amongst the young, very sad.The families left behind suffer the most for a lifetime.

Mauri & Joy Congratulations on your Anniversary too, not many marriages are lasting these days,I wonder why,what about the better or worse bit.? I believe myself that contentment is all, so if not content in oneself, leave by all means.

We,on this Forum,seem to be staying the distance everyway.Great to be back talking again. I missed the company, especially in the mornings as Joe sleeps until 10am or 1100am. & I am here drinking tea so out comes the computer to talk to you all.

I wish you all a good day,enjoy that sun you lucky people in Canada.


Re: Good to be back in the World

Thanks Pat, Hard to believe so many years have slipped in since I first staggered down the Longstone carrying an oversize suitcase at the ripe old age of 15 heading out into the world. When I hear my stepchildren talking about what they are doing or trying to do for their kids in their twenties I have to walk away and let them rattle on to their Mother.

Maybe I am being a little hard but just can't help it when I think of somebody like myself with no parents to back them up,had better shut up before I really get carried away???

Another beautifull day here today and the same forecast for the rest of the week,we can take it??? Mauri

Re: Good to be back in the World

As the old saying goes Mauri We were made of The QUARE AULD STUFF

Re: Good to be back in the World

Right On Pat, In relation to what I was saying, my stepdaughter and husband just back from driving to Ottawa to see their sons settled in their accomadation whilst attending University, one is 23 years old the other 20.???????? Mauri