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The Saturday and Sunday night clubs.

Lost my earlier posting. Blame my eyesight as I sometimes hit the wrong buttons because I still work very fast on the keyboard. It's hard to break the habit of a lifetime. What I was saying was that when I was recovering from my hip surgery in January, and confined to bed, and couldn't sleep, I came across BBC Radio Ulster Saturday and Sunday Night clubs. The programmes are on at 10 pm on both nights for 2 hours. John Bennett is the presenter and he plays lovely music from the 20s, 30s, 40s,, 50s and 60s. I discovered tunes that I had forgotten about, such as "Shrimp Boats are -a -comin'", songs like that. They brought me right back to my childhood, teenage years and so on. John Bennett was a schoolteacher as far as I know, and he is very articulate, but down to earth. He tells stories from his everyday life as well as playing music and the topics are always something I can relate to. It's good to have a radio programme that is entertaining, with good music and chat. Whatever's on TV at 10 pm on Sat and Sun night, I head into my radio in the bedroom. It's a great way to be lulled into sleep - the old tunes relaxing and nostalgic, playing in the background. I hope you can get BBC Radio Ulster and have a listen. You'll be glad you did.