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The Quay Boxing Club Lisburn

The Quay Boxing Club in Lisburn is now called the ABC Club. One of its boxers,Kurt Walker, is taking part in the World Championships in Germany today. He is the first person from the club to compete since John Rodgers and Davy Larmour represented Ireland at the first World Championships in Havan, Cuba, in 1974. We wish him well. (even though I object to boxing). Dominic rad this out from the newspaper or I wouldn't have known.

Re: The Quay Boxing Club Lisburn

Thanks for the info Ann, will be sure to look in to see how he gets on. I am still a boxing fan after all these years.


Re: The Quay Boxing Club Lisburn

I remember the Quay Boxing Club, not as a member but as a spectator, I was there when team competed against Thiepval Barracks Army team. Dickie Hanna who repesented Ireland in Munich 1972 Olympics was one of the best known members

Re: The Quay Boxing Club Lisburn

While I never was in the Quay Street club I was a boxing fan for a good number of years and even went a few rounds with a future World champion namely Randolph Turpin. You see Turpin was an Officers Cook in the Royal Navy doing his National Service and was at the Royal Navy Boy's training school HMS St.Vincent in Gosport just across the harbour from Portsmouth when I was doing my training way back in 1946. His brother Dick was the guy who was in the public eye then,but we used to fool around with Randy in the Gym never thinking that one day he would be World Champion middleweight. Sad the way his life ended.?? Mauri