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Hi Billy ,Donald & All

I worked in Mackies transport ,for 17yrs, and I really enjoyed it ,although ,some other sections of Mackies ,the work was A lot harder .Different experiences . I met some great characters , and had a lot of laughs ,down the years .
Regards to all .

Re: Mackies

Refresh my memory, but was there not two Mackie plants,one on the Old Hillsborough Road and one on Young Street or were they combined??, I seem to remember the one on the Old Hillsborough Road manufactured Aircraft wings, this of course was during the second World war or have I got them mixed up??? Mauri

Re: Mackies

Mackies had 2 factories but they were in Belfast, one on the Springfield Road the other at Woodvale. They origanlly began production in Albert Street Belfast, hence the name "Albert Foundry"
Shorts had a production called Altona on the Hillsborough Road Lisburn and there was another small engineering factory called Carston ?? which was once a weaving factory also in the County Down.

Re: Mackies

Yes of course I remember Altona now that I heard the name but what was the name of the plant on Young street.Short & Harland also had aircraft manufacturing plants in Long Kesh and Megaberry and a big one near Downpatrick the name of which I cannot remember and of course one at Sydenham in Belfast or was that some other company. Mauri