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BELLA (our new addition)

After much searching, we have finally found a little dog. She's black with some tan markings. She's a daschund cross and very lively. We picked her up at a rescue centre, which we visited as a last resort one day. She's still a pup so we're training her. It's hard work just now but will pay off eventually. She's playful and affectionate and will obey a command, which is encouraging. The first two nights when we left her in her basket in the kitchen, she howled and cried. Thankfully, my hearing is very bad so I didn't hear it all, but Dominic did. We had to ignore the plaintive wails anyhow. Then, late night, I found an old dressing gown of mine. I placed this in her basket at bed-time an that seemed to do the trick. She's a handful but I've got the companion I missed so much after Tess. She's a completely different wee dog in every way and I would say a very lucky wee dog that we rescued her. Will keep you posted. As you an see, we've named her Bella (no disrespect to my Aunt Bella, who would probably have laughed at the idea anyhow). Are we wise or are we wise?

Re: BELLA (our new addition)
Dachshund were bred to flush out badgers and other tunneling animals such as rabbits and foxes ( Dachs = Badger / Hund = Dog or Hound) ) hence the name.
Glad to hear you found a pet and hope you enjoy it.

Re: BELLA (our new addition)

A new addition to the family, never to replace the one gone before but a young pup livens things up & gives new life. Looking forward to meeting Bella later this Summer as we will holiday at home this year.

We are having Summer weather lately here, it is 18 degrees at the moment & I am waiting for the sun to hit the front seats,to go out & sit in peace & watch the cows go by or the trees bending in the slight wind. Probably fall asleep too.

The growth is very lush at present, grass growing like wildfire, needs cuting often & the lane is overgrown like an arch with the treetops. Lovely.

All is well with the World today in this sunshine & heat. Hope you all are having a good day too.