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Labour Day 01 May

Tomorrow being labour day, it´s a public holiday here and that old Irish greeting which Irish farmers expressed to their neighbours when they saw them ploughing or harvestering comes to mind " GOD BLESS THE WORK"!
happy 01 May all

Re: Labour Day 01 May

Donald, 1 May is a Bank Holiday here also. It's a beautifully, sunny morning but still cold. This will suit the runners in the Belfast Marathon which has just about started (9 am). I went out into the back garden a wee while ago and picked a nice bunch of bluebells, which grow in a wild patch. I love them and they remind me of primary school. Every May the nuns made a May altar (the month of Our Lady) and it was adorned with bluebells.. I remember bringing a bunch into school and the delicate scent brings back those childhood memories. The apple blossom is in full bloom and reminds me of a song from years ago. "I'll be with you in Apple Blossom time". It was played in Sammy Osborne's Dance Studio as a waltz. (not a lotta people know that).

Re: Labour Day 01 May

here 1st May is a paid annual holiday for everyone, not just banks and state employed workers. When I was working we used meet Marien Platz here in Munich, wearing a red poppy, listen to the Union leaders and the Lord Mayor telling us a lot of s**t, sing that old Commie song sometime changing the words to "free beer for all the workers"! then go to the Augustiner Beerhall to swab it down.

Re: Labour Day 01 May

May Day, we always sung that lovely Sydney McEwan song at school "Bring Flowers of the Rarest...." it is always played on Radio every year but Sydney sings it the best, listen on U Tube to his lovely rendering of that old song

We had the procession to the Convent gardens after school & a crown of flowers put on the statueof Our Lady while we sang the song.Then back to the dressed up girls singing Queen of the May round the doors & a party later in the street.

Happy memories of childhood & inocence & lemonade & buns & song.