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Dog Hunting

My wee Tess died on 30 October last year. I still miss her terribly and would be in tears thinking about her, even though she had a brilliant life. I thought I wouldn't get another dog, because of the freedom we would have without one. However, I find it very lonely, even with Dominic and the family around. We've talked it over and decided that another dog, a ****** would be a good thing to have. In fact, the freedom we have hasn't been of any use as we haven't gone anywhere nor do we intend to.

I've been looking for a suitable dog recently, a small dog, but haven't come across one yet that suits me. Still, the right pet will turn up eventually. It will never, ever replace Tess, but it will get a good home and will be well cared for, as well as keeping me company and getting me out walking again.

Will keep you posted.

Re: Dog Hunting

Thanks for telling us Ann, I think that is a very good decision and will take your mind off recovery and the days that are uncomfortable. It is great to have a laugh and there is such fun having an animal in the house. I wonder if your sister Pat has still got her dog, what with her convalescence and so on. It would be a while before she can walk him again.

It would be good for you to be considering your next holiday, and have something to look forward to. Thank you for keeping the Exiles going!

best wishes

Re: Dog Hunting

have you considered that instead of adopting another to be active in the local animals home , the dogs there are glad for someone to take them for walks and you are independant for holidays and other commitments.

Re: Dog Hunting

Liz and Donald, Thanks for your replies. Donald, if I were to help out in a dogs' home, I would want to take every single dog back home with me because I would feel so sorry for each one. However, it just wouldn't be the same as having my own dog. There's a big void in both our lives since Tess died, but I feel it more as she was my dog and so attached to me. Also, se was the first and only dog I every owned. We've been on the hunt since last week. I always think that the right dog will turn up eventually. If it's for you, you'll get it. That's my motto on most everything. Wish me luck

Re: Dog Hunting

Liz, Pat is recovering very well indeed. ( She's a tough old bird). I can say that because I'm her sister, but it's true. Yes, she still has Finn, her beagle-mix. He's a great big, bouncy dog. We saw him when we visited Pat recently, but he is far too heavy and boisterous for her to handle at present. He would knock you down he's so playful. He has a great big garden to run around. in (when the cows are out in the next field) so he's happy enough. Pat told me she was peeling potatoes yesterday so she's definitely on the road to recovery. Once you start peeling potatoes, you're on the slippery slope .........................bak in the real world.

Re: Dog Hunting

Thanks Liz for enquiring about me, thank God I an coming along slowly,still pain, but bearable with painkillers. Have a regime to follow very day, walk, drink plenty of liquids, exercise rest.

Looking forward to Summer & getting outside in the sun. Nothing worthwhile comes for nothing, or so I console myself, say a wee prayer for me, Liz,works wonders.


Re: Dog Hunting

Certainly will pray for you Pat. It must be a trying time for you, but as you say worth it and every day gets you closer to be on your feet again and the good weather will certainly cheer you as you improve.

Re: Dog Hunting

Pat, Glad to hear you are on the mend. By liquids do they mean wine. They my make you stagger when you are out walking. Ha! Ha! Regards Pam

Re: Dog Hunting


No wine yet with the tablets, I have lost the taste for everything except flavoured water since the surgery. Even chocolates have no appeal for me yet.

Ice cream & jelly with a touch of Maple Syrup is nice, also plain biscuits & butter wit ha cup of strong tea.

Joe is lowering the wine presents for me.....Pat

Re: Dog Hunting

Pat, hope you have recovered from yesterday's physio. Apparently, ite was hard work to say the least. Re your loss of appetite, just think of the weight you will be losing. I'll not know you when I see you latr in the year.

Re: Dog Hunting

Yes indeed I nearly went into orbit at the last E xcercise, stepping up & down stairs. Suffice to say I was unable to walk until today.

I had a hot shower later & massaged the swollen leg with oils at bedtime,which helped reduce the tightness.

Today is fine thank God, will not make the same mistake twice.

Overconfidence has a or ice, slowly does it. PAT