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Attn Mauri


Do look on Facebook to see the70 th Wedding Anniversary photos of Brendan & Barbara Matier & family.


Re: Attn Mauri

There was also a report with photo in last week´s Lisburn Star

Re: Attn Mauri

Thanks Pat, However I have already seen it as Ted sent me a copy, both looked really good and to think they had ten children "Wow", when they got married I was either in or on my way by troopship to South Africa to join my first ship can't remember which.??

Hard to believe so many years have passed, but that's life.I also find it hard to believe that I have been in Canada now over Fifty years and in fact over sixty years since I first arrived in Canada from Australia but only stayed a couple of months before moving down to the USA. Mauri

Re: Attn Mauri

You made the right choice to stay in Canada Mauri Pat