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Inaugeration Parade

I wonder how many of you will be watching the Inaugeration parde for ""Trump the Chump" on Friday. I have an appointment in the afternoon so will probably not see it though watching it on the TV news in the evening will be enough. in fact even that will be too much. Mauri

Re: Inaugeration Parade

Hi Mauri, Like many people, I am concerned what this party will do for the States, in a way I slightly remember the Mc Carthy period and I look at the incoming presidency and I'm just wondering could history repeat its self, in the meantime lets hope for the best we can always look forward to the inauguration as I understand Michael Flatly and the dance troupe accepted the invitation to perform Kind Regards, Ted, So bring on the music and dance ,

Re: Inaugeration Parade

Being confined to the house, I watched the Inauguration Ceremony yesterday. I enjoyed seeing previous presidents and their wives. I was a great spectacle. I very much enjoyed listening to the nervous rendition by a young girl of "The Star Spangled Banner". She did well. I also enjoyed America played by an orchestra

It was all very touching. However, after the actual inauguration and when the Donald was pronounced President of the USA, the most chilling words to me were "President Trump now has
the nuclear code" The world awaits.

Re: Inaugeration Parade

I watched it ok but there was none of the excitement of the other times or the other remarkable speeches.

The sense of spectacle & glamour (except for Mrs Trump.s beautiful outfit) was missing. An aura of threat was there.

However time will tell, as always. PAT

Re: Inaugeration Parade

you are all entitled to your opinion, i think he will be great in office

Re: Inaugeration Parade

Tom, That's if somebody doesn't bump him off first. Mauri

Re: Inaugeration Parade


Exactly what Joe says will happen, but no matter what I hope not, everyone is entitled to live until they die a natural death, except murderers or some others that destroy other peoples lives, especially children's