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Today Joy and myself had breakfast with Joy's daughter and her husband at a restaurant not too far away, what a feast I had three eggs over easy with quite a few rashers of bacon fried potatoes toast and jam and orange juice beforehand. The reason for this little get together, Erin and John leave for Mexico on Thursday.

They have a condo on the Pacific coast of Mexico which they purchased last year they are off for five weeks they only just got back not long before Xmas after a one month stay, they also have entertained X number of visitors to the place and this time they are taking John's parents with them for a couple of weeks. We don't want to go as the condo Is located on a cliff overlooking the ocean so a lot of walking is involved in getting to it, maybe if we were twenty years younger.??? though I am not really a lover of Mexico having had numerous vacatins there over the years. Mauri

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"OOOPS, Left the o out of vacation, not to worry, the only reason I mentioned the breakfast is because in recent years I only have a very light breakfast toast and cereal usually, not like the big breakfasts we had when I was a kid, Soda Bread,Wheaten Bread,Potato bread, eggs sometimes sausages, do they still have those big fry ups at in Ulster or are they a thing of the past??, Mauri

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I still make an Ulster fry, and in recent years you can buy in England potato bread, and soda farls made by the big bakeries. After all there is nothing as tasty as a good fry up!

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Love to taste Soda Farls again, Wheaten Farls. Treacle Farls.
Here there idea of Irish Soda Bread, is a loaf you need a chainsaw to cut.
Anyone got any recipes?

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Hi all,

I have answered twice on this topic but scammed, so here goes for the last time. Hate that.!!!

I am only now hungry for breakfast which we take about now
11.00am when Joe eventually surfaces

A fry is usually for w/ends & while I vary my eats, Joe is a habit eater, an orange, porridge and tea & toast.......Boring.

Think I will fry some bacon, white pudding and an egg with a slice of tomato this morning, all this talk is mouth watering when you have not eaten since last night......


Re: Breakfast

Pat you didn't give Ron your recipes for sodas, wheaten and potato bread.

Re: Breakfast

Mauri. We still make a big Ulster Fry one day a week, usually Saturday. We realise now that the delicious fried breakfasts are not healthy eaten regularly. However, the sodas, wheatens and potato bread are still extremely popular.

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Hi All,

As it was Doreen's birthday(17th.) we went out for breakfast to our favourite "The Sunrise Cafe" here in St Catharines. We didn't have an Ulster Fry, I had 3 eggs 4 small sausages, bacon and home fries with toast, Doreen had..... a Bagel with Cream Cheese.....and it was her birthday. We also went out for supper to Doreen's favourite restaurant Rickie Joes,this time with our Daughter Karen and our three Grandchildren, a great time was had by all, especially Doreen.

Karen showed her your comment on facebook re. birthday wishes she asked me to thank you on her behalf.xx


Re: Breakfast

As a Telegram Boy in Lisburn during the 2nd World War, I remember occasionaly when I could afford it having breakfast and sometimes lunch in a café on the square where the taxies waited, forget the name of it but the owner used to sometimes give us a break and not charge us the full price.

There was also a Forces Canteen on the upper floor of the Assembly Rooms where my Aunt was Mangeress, though they didn't serve meals only cheap booze and snacks. One night there was a huge brawl so it was closed not long afterwards. With the thousands of troops stationed around Lisburn at this time brawls were pretty common, another big one was in the Orange Hall where they used to hold dances, sorry folks just going down memory lane.??> Mauri

Re: Breakfast

Good to see you back on the forum!
Dawna my Auntie and My Unc Rick were at the Sunrise yesterday and Riki Jo's is one of their go to spots as well!!!
Your Lizzie Nicholson memories have helped us & we are now working with recently found rellies of Lizzie & Jack (John) Nicholson to find out more on their Uncle Billy (William Henry) also a soldier who came to Canada.

Hope you are well in your neck of the woods
Our best regards
Noreen & Dawna

Re: Breakfast


Soda Bread/Wheaten Bread/Potato Bread.

Soda.....1lb plain flour, 1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda OR BAKING SODA, 1 TEASPOON SALT, 12/15 FLUID OZS OF BUTTERMILK, FRESH EGG (OPTIONAL)

MIX WELL TO A SOFTISH DOUGH. Turn onto a floured board & shape into a round about about 1 or 2 inches thick. Cut into farls (triangles) & bake in a preheated oven at 200Centigrade - 400 Farenheit for approx 15 mins.

They can be cooked on a griddle as well or in a heavy pan on the cooker or fire. Turn regularly if this method is used.

Same for Wheaten Bread only use wheaten flour.


COOKED POTATOES, ADD ENOUGH WHITE FLOUR TO BIND, BEATEN EGG (OPTIONAL) SALT & MILK TO MAKE A SOFT DOUGH. Turn onto a floured board & shape into a round. Cut into triangles & fry in a little butter until cooked.

Hope you enjoy the home cooking, lovely just eaten hot & dripping with butter or fried in gravy with eggs, bacon & sausage.......Pat