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Ann's Big Op.

Hi Ann, was thinking about you yesterday and hope everything has gone well for you. I had my hip done almost a year ago and hope your's go off as well as mine.


Re: Ann's Big Op.

Glad to tell all that Ann is doing well after her hip replacement operation on Wed. T

THANK GOD she is over it @ able to get around in the ward now. By next week
She will be home again.


Re: Ann's Big Op.

Wonderful news.

Re: Ann's Big Op.

Glad to hear Ann is over her hip operation and will soon be running around again. Some people have no problems with these hip operations myself included, on the other hand there are others who never seem to get over it perhaps because of a fall. My wife Joy is one of those people she broke her hip in a fall on the stairs and while she had a successful hip replacement is still nervous about falling so uses a cane to get around not all the time but quite a bit which I suppose is wise. Mauri

Re: Ann's Big Op.

Hi Pat

Please give our best wishes to Ann ,and hope that she is pain free ,and soon back on to the computer .
Thomas & Evelyn

Re: Ann's Big Op.

Hi Pat,

Please give Ann our best wishes for a speedy recovery, she will be dancing her legs off soon.


Re: Ann's Big Op.

Hi all. I had the hip replacement on Wednesday afternoon and was discharged on Friday. I'm home and with the help of very strong pain relief, I can say I'm comfortable. It is very nice to be waited on and thank goodness for M&S food. I enjoyed a chicken pie and chips earlier, the first decent food since last Tuesday. The hospital food was atrocious and cold. Thanks for all your good wishes.

Re: Ann's Big Op.

Ann, Glad to hear you are back home again and getting over the hip replacement just take it easy. What hospital were you in?,probably the Lagan valley, over the years I have been in several different hospitals for various reasons and never ever did like the food except on one occasion and that was surprising enough the Navy hospital in Sydney Australia where as I was only in for observation I was on a full diet and the food was excellent,though I was still glad to get discharged inside a week??? Mauri

Re: Ann's Big Op.

Hello Ann

Glad to hear you are home again and recovering. Be careful not to fall, and let your family be good to you. You deserve a good rest!

Best wishes

Re: Ann's Big Op.

Mauri I had my hip operation
Musgrave Pk Orthopaedic HospiTal, same place I had my other one carried out. In hospital, it's like being on a conveyer belt. Too many patients not enough nursing staff and then trying to juggle pAtients around as they come up from theatre. It's in and out asap. I'm lucky thAt I have Dominic here and family but it wouldnt matter if I hadnt. I'm. Coming on fine. Dominic

is out of his comfort zone as regards cooking but he'll get there

Re: Ann's Big Op.

Liz thanks. My sleep pattern is all over the place
. "In the wee small hours of the morning"

Re: Ann's Big Op.


Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better"

I wish I had my operation over, as at least you know the pain will go away but waiting is pain all the time & restricted lifestyle. You will be up & away when I am as you are now, waiting for healing.

Keep up the spirits at all times even if it is hard, pretend....Pat

Re: Ann's Big Op.

Pat and all, I am recovering fine. Still taking painkillers but I have cut them down as they were making me feel sick. My operated leg is various shades of purple. I look as if I've been tattoed. It's all part of the healing process. I dont have much of an appetite, just small tasty bits. I'll maybe lose a few pounds so as the saying goes " It's an illl wind"